Writing Competition

Writing competition

WE ARE ANNOUNCING WRITING COMPETITION – BES in cooperation with the Radio program “Most” is announcing a competition for the best literary work in Bosnian language for all primary and secondary school students living in the area of ​​New South Wales.


The themes of the literary works are – What Bosnia and Herzegovina means to me, My life in the time of the corona and poetic expression on the topic of My BIH. Each paper should have a minimum of 250 words for elementary and 400 for high school students, while a poem should contain a minimum of 4 stanzas.


The competition starts on 18.05.2020. and ends on 30.06.2020. The best works will be awarded with appropriate prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, along with the 4th prize, which will be awarded for the most original literary work.


The names of the winners will be announced at the beginning of the third school term.We emphasize that the competition is open and that we hope for a large number of small and young participants. Literary work can be submitted to teachers if you are attending Bosnian language classes (Saturday School for High School Students or Bosnian Ethnic School), or you can simply email them to: bosnianschoolsydney@hotmail.com marked “For Competition”. Good luck!


The authors of the best works will receive the following prizes

– 1st place – Baby G Shock – valuable watch,

– 2nd place – gift voucher for the family (one day visit to the Zoo)

– 3rd place / Gift package worth $ 100 according to the age and gender of the winner ( each award comes with a plaque)

– 4th place / Principal award- The President of the School Board, Maida Vugdalic, will award the most original work with a package of books for children and youth, and a work of art with Bosnian theme.

In addition to the announced awards of the School Board, Radio Most, the partner organizer of the Competition, will, at its discretion, award the prize for work with the best journalistic tone and talent. On this occasion, we invite friends of the School, who would like to be sponsors of the project (Competition) to contact Mrs. Mirsada Helac, Vice President and Secretary of the School.