Writing Competition Results 2022

COMPETITION RESULTS – competition for the best literary work
We received the winners of our Competition, organized by BES.
Here are the results for the two categories, according to the esteemed committee:
Older group:
1st place - Ammar Osmanović
2nd place - Melisa Mešanović
3rd place - shared by Ajla Fajić, Emrah Bektić, Danis Vugdalić
Younger group:
1st place - Adna Helać
2nd place - Anesa Bektić
3rd place is shared by Edis Begić and Daleela Kulić
4th place is shared by Omar Sedlarević and Leila Čampara
Special category - best poetic expression - Ella Hrnčić
The warmest thanks to the company LionGates Securities, the sponsors of this literary competition, and to the radio program Most for their support, respected members of the commission, from honorary consul Amir Šahinović, professor Azra Hodžić, lecturer Samira Tokalić, author Habib Mandžić and editor of the radio program Most Hasan Bisčević, who had only words of praise for the works of the participants, as well as the project, and for giving us their time to determine the best among the many beautiful works, which was not easy! Prizes for the winners and gifts for all young and small writers will be distributed in our departments next weekend, in the presence of dear guests and parents. With respect and love,…
School board BES