Writing Competition Results 2020

competition results

Dear students, parents, friends of the School, we are pleased to announce the winners and participants of the competition for the best literary work organized by the Bosnian Ethnic School in cooperation with Radio “Most”. The winners of the works for the best literary work are the following:


  1. place Ajla Fajic 11 (My life in the age of the corona)
  2. place Nedim Huric 14 (What Bosnia and Herzegovina means to me)
  3. place Adel Dogum 8 (My BiH)


Mak Vugdalić 15, receives the award for the best young journalist (My life in the age of the corona)


The award for the most original work (Principal award) will be shared by Kerim Mak Pilavdžić, 13, and Ella Hrnčić, 8 (both authors were awarded for the work Moja BiH).


Prizes in additional categories are:

The discovery of the competition is Adna Helać, 6 years old (What does Bosnia and Herzegovina means to me)

Young talents are Selma Harambašić, 9, and Anesa Bektić, 10

All remaining contestants will be awarded consolation prizes.


We wish to thank all participants for their participation and beautiful work, with the desire that this action lasts from year to year, and to be the pride of our entire community in NSW and hope throughout Australia, as we spread developing a penchant and love for books and writing at of our young generations.


To note that the attractive awards and certificates will be distributed on August 8th and 9th in all classes of the Bosnian Ethnic School and of course in the Saturday classes of the Bosnian language school, we are glad that each class has at least one or more winners.