Creative Kids Provider

Bosnian Ethnic School is registered as a Creative Kids Provider. 

What is the use of the program for students and parents? The Creative Kids Provider is an initiative of the NSW government, which encourages the participation of school-age children in extracurricular activities. One of the activities included in the program is language learning. Program helps families bear the costs for children participating in creative and cultural activities, such as learning language, drama, music, dance, etc…

Parents or guardians can apply for a voucher worth $ 100 per calendar year for each child enrolled in the Bosnian Ethnic School.You can register for a voucher at the following web address:

How does the program help with tuition? The tuition fee at the Bosnian Ethnic School for one year is: $150 for one child, $250 for two children from one family, $300 for three or more children from one family. 

The voucher you receive through the program is $ 100 per child. If you use a tuition voucher at our school, then you will pay less out of your own pocket for yearly fee. See attached examples:

Example 1: If you have one child attending a Bosnian ethnic school, the NSW government contributes $100 for tuition and you $50 

Example 2: If you have two children attending a Bosnian ethnic school, the NSW government contributes $ 200 for tuition and you  $50

Example 3: If you have three or more children attending the Bosnian Ethnic School, the NSW government contributes $300 which pays the full amount of tuition.