Classes are held once a week on Saturdays or Sundays of each school week, classes last two hours and we have classrooms at four locations. These are Auburn, Liverpool, Penshurst and Leppington. Enrollment is open to all children, who attend elementary or high school in NSW. The annual registration fee is a modest $150 for one child, $200 for two children from one family and $250 for three or more children from one family. All funds are used for the organization and smooth operation of the School in order to make it better and more successful.

To help you with these amounts, BES is registered as a Creative Kids Provider, if you use this option, the amount you contribute will be much smaller.

 To enrol your child in school each year you need to complete the following documents, which you can download here:

(To enrol your child you need to fill and sign three forms, and hand it to BES representative)