BES big books and newspapers donation by Dr. Mustafa Karavdic

Sunday, 11/29/20 is a day that most of our may remember for the extremely high temperature and strange wind in Sydney. But still, the members of BES and myself, we will remember that Sunday for the kindness and generosity of Dr. Mustafa Karavdić, a medical expert, a lover of poetry and opera, an author, as well as a former activist of the Bosnian community in Australia. Namely, Dr. Karavdić, with the assistance of a great supporter of our School and the Secretary of the ABHCA, Mr. Omer Ayan, visited the school library and enriched it with a donation of almost two hundred books and other publications in Bosnian and English. He was happy to present each book to us, and they tied him to different places, people and memories. Watching and listening to him, I thought that I will never and cannot lose faith in people and education, desire and urge of an individual to spread knowledge, which was the motive of this act, which causes me great admiration and respect. All books are in the process of being included in the catalog, and next year this written treasure will be available for reading to members of our library, just as Dr. Mustafa wanted. Many thanks also go to the address of Mr. Ayan, without whose promptness and help this significant undertaking would not have been possible. Sincerely, Maida Maja Kulic Vugdalic – President of the School Board of BES.