Back to School Term 4.




All BES students are back to school for Term 4 this Saturday 17. October for Auburn, Penshurst and Liverpool classes and Sunday 18. October for Leppington class. For detailed dates about term 3 for all our Locations, you can see our Calendar for 2020.

All students should be back to school unless:

  • they have medical certificate which state they are unable to return to school due to an ongoing medical condition
  • or you feel unwell for any reason

School students do not need to follow strict adult physical distancing guidelines, but should follow good hygiene practices like:

  • regularly washing hands
  • avoiding sharing drinks or food
  • coughing or sneezing into your elbow, or a tissue which should be discarded immediately
  • filling water bottles from bubblers rather than using the bubbler directly.

Parents and carers can refer to the guide to NSW school students returning to face – to – face learning for further information.



The majority of school-based activities can recommence, as long as the following measures are observed:

  • all visitors and external to school providers must adhere to relevant hygiene, distancing and safety protocols
  • principals may continue to restrict, limit or prohibit activities if they are seen as contrary to the current health advice
  • external providers and visitors are required to demonstrate compliance with health and safety requirements including adhering to strict guidelines and completing relevant forms
  • non-essential adults are still not permitted on school grounds or at school events – this includes parents/carers unless specifically approved by the principal.


  1. Physical distancing of children in schools is not required under the Australian HPPC guidelines. Research has shown limited transmission risk associated with school children in the school environment.
  2. All adults must maintain physical distance from each other (1.5m) including teachers and support staff, and parents.
  3. Schools should ensure school pick up and drop off arrangements enable parents to physically distance from one another and from staff.