Today, November 21. 2021. Annual General Meeting of the Bosnian Ethnic School was held. The newly elected School Board for 2022 is:
Maida Vugdalić – President
Alma Pilavdzić – Vice President
Biba Vejzović – Secretary
Muamera Šišić – Treasurer
Elvis Vugdalić – board member
Senada Hurić – board member
Meliha Mehinović – board member
Mirela Muratović – board member
Anela Ahmić- board member
It can be said that the AGM was successful and took place in a pleasant atmosphere, and a particularly emotional part was the farewell to the longtime member, Mirsada Helać! I thank Mirsada on behalf of the entire BEŠ, for her five years of work at the school, where she has certainly left her mark. Congratulations to all the newly elected, and I wish the current members, who continue to work, even more enthusiasm and energy in 2022 in performing tasks, which are certainly not few while we work together for the progress and successful operation of the school. With respect and gratitude to all present today.
Maida Vugdalić, President of the School Board of the Bosnian Ethnic School