Writing Competition Results 2021

competition results

COMPETITION RESULTS – writing competition 

We got the winners of our Competition, organized by BES and Radio program – Most.

We want to emphasize that all the works are really fantastic, as far as the School Board is concerned, and that it was not easy to choose the best, so we sincerely thank each member of the committee individually for their time and valuable comments, as well as praise our young writers, which contributed to us discovering the best among the seventeen beautiful written works.

There are the results for two categories, in the opinion of the esteemed commission:

CATEGORY (younger age)

First place: Adele Dugum (Leppington)

Second place: Edis Begic (Leppington)

Third place: Dzenan Muratović (Liverpool)

Fourth place: Anesa Bektic (Liverpool)

CATEGORY (older age)

First place: Emrah Bektic (Liverpool)

Second place: Danis Vugdalic (Liverpool)

Third place: Aymen Mahmic (Leppington)

Fourth place: Layla Sharp (Liverpool)

Regarding the $ 100 prize, which will be sponsored by Dr. Mustafa Karavdic, with the note that there were no written papers on the topic of Kulin ban this time, at his request, we divided the amount into four parts for candidates whom we noticed an undeveloped talent for writing and our wish is to encourage them with this award to continue to write 4x $ 25 go to the address Sedlarevic Omar, Zana Helac, Selma Harambasic and Ella Hrncic. All other authors will receive certificates for participation in the competition, along with chocolate.

Sincere congratulations to all, and especially to the winners. Lovers of books and the written word, your BES.