AGM – Annual General Meeting of BES 2020. Yesterday, 15.11.20. The Bosnian Ethnic School held an AGM at the location of the Bosnian Cultural Center, on the premises of the School. The AGM began with a welcome, the adoption of the minutes from last year’s AGM, then continued with the report of the President, and the financial report of the Treasurer. Nominations for the new School Board followed, confirmed by the official proclamation of Board members for 2021. BES can boast that the year we are slowly saying goodbye, despite extraordinary circumstances, was extremely successful in all fields, especially in the field of curriculum, quality teaching and exceptional cooperation with parents and guardians! We are proud to enter the next year, stable through aspects important for an educational and social institution, with the motto – students and learning the correct Bosnian language, with segments of culture, history and traditions of our original homeland – are our priority! With great thanks to all members who said goodbye to us this year, starting with dear Dženita Čengić Karup, whose great merit in the past work of the school is undeniable, and Minela Mulaosmanović and present parents, we congratulate the new New School Committee:


Maida Maja Kulić Vugdalić – President and Public Officer (qualifications: professor of South Slavic languages ​​and literature, master of translation and interpretation techniques, NAATI Certified interpreter and translator, author / additional knowledge of Russian and Italian – JP.


Mirsada Helać -Vice President / Vice President- activist of the BiH community, author, interests in the field of communication, administration and interpersonal relations / PE.


Biba Vejzović – Secretary – educator / pedagogue / assistant principal at Liverpool Public School / additional knowledge of German.


Muamera Šišić – Treasurer / Treasurer – accountant, community activist / interests – decoration and furnishing of spaces for celebrations and similar social events / additional knowledge of Turkish language.


Elvis Vugdalić – Committee Member / web designer / IT / community activist.


Senada Hurić – Committee Member / educator / lecturer at BEŠ since 2011.


Alma Pilavdžić – Committee Member / educator / lecturer / community activist / sports interests – martial arts


Meliha Mehinović – Committee Member / educator – lecturer at Liverpool Public School / activist / enthusiast